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7 Bizarre Celebrity Pet Kidnappings

1. Willie Nelson’s Stolen Armadillo

Willie Nelson's Stolen Armadillo & 6 Other Celeb Pet Kidnappings

The country music world was rocked last week when news broke that Willie Nelson's famous armadillo mascot had been stolen. The iconic stuffed animal (I had to read the story, like, 6 times to figure out it wasn't a real, live armadillo and must admit I was a bit disappointed), which always accompanies Nelson on stage, was nabbed during a fan meet and greet after a Las Vegas concert.

Nelson realized the armadillo was missing after his tour bus had already hit the road back to California. His crew called the venue in a panic, requesting the surveillance tapes to help track down the thief, but apparently the mounting guilt had already proved too much for the armadillo snatcher. The next morning, "an apologetic man" drove up to the resort and dropped off a shoe box with instructions to return it to Willie. Inside was the beloved armadillo. Willie's kidnapped "pet" might have been stuffed, but other celebs have had their living, breathing pets stolen out from under them. Let's take a tour through the wild, wacky world of celeb petnappings, shall we?


2. Alanis Morisette's Dog, Circus

Alanis Morisette's Dog, Circus

When Alanis Morisette fired her housekeeper, things didn't end well. But instead of, say, selling a salacious story about Alanis' underwear drawer to the tabloids, the housekeeper allegedly stole Alanis' dog, Circus. While Alanis claims this is a cut and dry case of dognapping, according to the housekeeper, she was merely rescuing Circus from a life of loneliness and abandonment. Alanis is currently suing to get her dog back, but is worried that the high-profile status of the case might attract more dognappers to snatch Circus for ransom. What. A. Mess. 


3. Paris Hilton's Teacup Chihuahua, Tinkerbell

Paris Hilton's Teacup Chihuahua, Tinkerbell

The details on this one are vague and strange, but apparently Tinkerbell either escaped or was taken from Paris Hilton's Los Angeles palace, possibly when sister Nicky left a door open. Paris put up "missing dog" posters all over West Hollywood, making sure to call the paparazzi to document it, but when someone pointed out that the chihuahua on the posters was not, in fact, Tinkerbell, Paris broke down and claimed she was trying to pull a fast one on the dognappers: "If they find out Tinkerbell is my dog," she told the tabloids, "they'll hold it for ransom...they'll want millions." A few days later, Tinkerbell was found, but no explanation was ever issued for her disappearance or return. Hmm.... 


4. Lily Allen's Dog, Maggie May

Lily Allen's Dog, Maggie May

Lily Allen's English bull terrier, Maggie May, was being looked after by a friend of the singer when she was snatched from a van in East London. Lily posted desperate pleas to Myspace, offering a reward for Maggie's safe return. A week later, she got a call from a man who claimed to have bought Maggie. She paid him the reward money to buy her back, but later regretted the way she handled things: "These people were obviously in the business of moving dogs. Now I feel guilty for having given these people money and contributing to their cruel business but I love that dog and felt I had no choice." It's OK, Lily, we probably would have done the same thing!


5. Brandi Glanville's Dog, Chica

Brandi Glanville's Dog, Chica

When Real Housewife Brandi Glanville realized that someone had broken into her Encino, California mansion and stolen her chihuahua, Chica, she reacted like any concerned pet owner would: by calling up various tabloid news sites and bawling hysterically. Her story had a few holes from the beginning -- for example, nothing else in her lavish home was touched, and no ransom was ever demanded. Fellow Housewife star Taylor Armstrong called out Brandi publicly for making the whole thing up, calling the ordeal nothing more than a "publicity stunt." Whatever happened, Chica has yet to turn up. Let's hope she's OK. 

6. Steven Cole's Chihuahuas, Lyla & Alaska

Steven Cole's Chihuahuas, Lyla & Alaska

When "Game Of Thrones" star Steven Cole's North London home was burglarized last month, the robbers made off with a bounty of expensive goods (including fine jewelry, a Macbook, and a Porsche), but none of that mattered when compared to the living things they stole: Cole's two chihuahuas, Lyla and Alaska. Cole went on a Twitter and Facebook rampage to spread the word, offering up rewards and encouraging people to be on the lookout for the purloined pooches. His hard work finally paid off: Lyla and Alaska were returned safely four days later.

7. Tricia O'Kelley's Yorkshire Terrier, Walter

Tricia O'Kelley's Yorkshire Terrier, Walter

"The Secret Life of the American Teenager" star Tricia O'Kelley was shocked to discover her deaf, 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Walter, had been abducted from her fenced Los Angeles Yard. She was even more shocked when she received a phone call from the dognappers, demanding a $1,000 ransom for Walter's safe return. O'Kelley got the police involved, but an attempted sting to get Walter back and apprehend the suspects failed. Luckily, a few days later the thieves dumped Walter off in O'Kelley's neighborhood, where a good samaritan found him, called the number on his tag, and returned him to his grateful owner. 



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