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Alpha: the monkey cat

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One easy way to convey a sense of “cat types” is by comparison with another animal. As someone who has had both as a pet, I can say that the Alpha is the monkey cat.

They combine ceaseless curiosity with an ease about manipulating our mutual environment.

The key to happy Alphas is enough. If we can provide enough attention, play, and diversion for our Alphas, they will be amusing and delightful comrades.

There are considerable advantages to Alphas:

Forever kittens. If we worry about “not enough play” and “they grow up too soon” we must consider an Alpha.

Endless fun. The status won’t be quo for long with an Alpha investigating.

Friendly and approachable. Guests love the Alpha, and the Alpha loves them back. While not as available for stranger-petting as a Beta, they are the most likely cat type to appear and do interesting things for the guests to enjoy. This line started as “temple cats” and continue in many countries to this day.

Demanding. We never wonder where we stand when an Alpha loves us; and loves us some more. Alphas have deep roots in Determination and Confidence, but this can backfire on us if we don’t handle it correctly.

This is why I think of them as the “monkey cat,” since they are so bright and dextrous. Delightfully mischievous and deliberately stubborn, they require more managing than other cat types.

That’s why there are cautions regarding Alphas:

Demanding. Alphas want what they want very much and they’d like it now. This works better for some things than others.

Wearing them out. We absolutely must wear them out. Again. This driving energy is lively and amusing, but must be channelled properly for the health of all concerned.

Keeping them amused. They like to watch what we are doing very closely. They want to press buttons themselves; and do. They like to take things apart.

We have to keep them busy and interested and satisfied.

Look for these breeds & breed characteristics:

Alphas are long and lean, with long noses, large oval ears, and pointy paws. Verbal and intense about whatever interests them. They come from hotter climates and are the most active cat type. They are the “mad scientists” of the Cat world.

Siamese is the core Alpha heritage, and all Oriental types express these traits.



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