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4 Outrageous Pet Services


We pet owners are often finding new and inventive ways to pamper our pets. It seems that we aren’t the only ones who do this, since there is a wide choice of new and somewhat outrageous pet services that are available these days. Here are four of those services that you may be interested in, or never even considered before now.

Pet Dating Services

There are a few pet dating services available online that include the focus of pairing pets along with their owners. PetsDating.com is an example of a site that is geared for human singles to connect while making sure that like-minded pet lovers and compatibility is a primary focus. There’s another site, DateMyPet.com, where it is simply about setting up pets with other pets, primarily for pet play dates, but it could lead to a human connection, as well.

Pet Prenup Services

Let’s say that you find the perfect companion for you and your pet, so all parties decide to dive into a deeper relationship. There are services now available to draw up a pet prenup to keep pets from becoming a sticking point in the event of breakups or a divorce between their human owners. In case you’re wondering, yes, these pet prenups are seen as being admissible in a court of law, so it’s something to consider helping make a divorce a little easier.

Personal Trainers for Pets

In the event that your professional life is overtaking your time spent with your pet, you have a dog with a wee bit of a weight problem, or you’re looking for someone to teach your pet to do special tricks, there are services available in various locations for specialized personal pet trainers. They go beyond the basic “sit” and “stay” commands when it comes to tricks. They can teach your dog how to play Frisbee, how to swim and probably any other thing you want him to do. To help your pooch lose a few pounds, there are personal trainers to put them through their paces much like you pay for in a gym.

Bedazzling Your Pet

Standard grooming appears to be so last century. While funky pet hair color is nothing that new, there are some companies who are using things such as edible paints, much like those used in cake decorating services, to stencil on various designs to their fur. In that case, it’s completely safe for your pet (as long as they are not allergic to the ingredients), and will not hurt them at all if the designs are licked. The only downside is that the designs may only last a couple of days once your pet discovers how delicious their fur tastes.

With the feature of more permanent hair color that many groomers offer, you can also add in feather extensions for more flair. Of course, this subject matter is a huge point of contention for some pet owners, so be aware that your choice to do something like this may elicit some strange looks and perhaps even some uninvited comments. If this is something that you are confident enough to do in spite of the potential backlash, there are groomers who are willing and able to safely apply the fur color and even some blinged out jewels in places that will jazz up the whole look of your pet.



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