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Keeping a Tree Frogs as a Pet

Tree Frogs as a Pet

If you want a pet that you can watch without having to handle it and you also like frogs, tree frogs might be the ideal pet for you. These frogs don't necessarily live in trees, despite their name. These little frogs are interesting creatures that are happy with some branches to climb around on, some water to splash in, and some crickets to eat for lunch.

They are easy to care for, make very little noise, and don't require hands-on treatment, unless you just want to pick them up.

Do Tree Frogs Need Large Houses?

No, in fact, one of the reasons people choose tree frogs as pets is that they don't take up too much space. All that you usually need is a small 20-30 gallon tank and a very secure lid. This sized tank provides ample room for your tree frog, isn't very costly, and doesn't take up too much space in your room. Bark, soil, gravel, and moss are used for bedding in the tank for your frog and also help to hold in moisture. This helps because as amphibians, frogs need to maintain their slime coating. If the environment is too arid they will not do well. Moss and soil along with regular misting and a bowl of water (dechlorinated) that they can get into is also necessary. There are a variety of options for branches and foliage in pet stores that can be added to your frog's abode to make it more comfortable and homey for your pet.

What Does a Tree Frog Eat?

In the wild, tree frogs eat insects and worms. Almost every pet store sells gut loaded crickets and worms. These are crickets and worms that have been fed nutritiously while in captivity, and these are not the same crickets you catch outside. Large tree frogs may eat pinky mice, but usually the insects will be enough. Cockroaches, grasshoppers, and earthworms can also be offered if you are certain they have not been exposed to pesticides. The best advice is to purchase these harder to find foods from reputable online dealers, rather than trying to catch them in your back yard and risk poisoning your pet.

Do Tree Frogs Have Light and Heat Needs?

All tree frogs need to stay warm but not hot. You can purchase heat lights that are kept outside of the cage. These keep your pet from getting hurt from sticking to the heat source. The tank should be kept in the 80s during the day and should not drop below the 70s at night. UVB lighting is not typically necessary. However, it won't hurt your frog if you prefer to provide a light on a 12-hour cycle. If you need to provide heat during the night because the ambient temperature drops below 70 degrees, make sure you use a ceramic heat or some other type heat that does not give off white light.

Can You Hold Your Tree Frog?

Tree frogs have a protective slime coat on their skin. This makes their skin very sensitive. If you plan on handling your frog, make sure you wash your hands to get rid of any potential chemicals or lotion residues that are left on your skin before touching it. You will find that some tree frogs are fine with being handled and others may not want to be touched. In addition to washing your hands before you handle the frog, make sure to wash after you handle it as well.

Are Tree Frogs Healthy Pets?

As with any pet, there are health conditions that may appear. Diseases that affect these little frogs include intestinal parasites, prolapses, skin issues, fecal impactions, and more. You will need to find an experienced vet to examine your pet annually. You will also need to make sure a fecal sample is checked for parasites.

Tree frogs make great pets for people who don't want the responsibility of walking a dog or changing a litter box. These little creatures are basically quiet, need relatively little maintenance, and are interesting to watch. All you need is a little understanding of what to feed them and how to keep them warm and your new pet should flourish.




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