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Why Adopt a Pet from a Shelter or Rescue?


Loving pets of all sizes and shapes are waiting in animal shelters, hoping to find a permanent home. Shelter animals can make wonderful, life-long companions if only given the chance. People often think shelters contain only the "rejects", that is, pets who have a health or behavior problem. But in reality, shelters are filled with wonderful pets who would like nothing more a chance at a happy life, and their own family to share it with.

Here are several great reasons to make adopting a pet from a shelter your first choice.

  • Shelters have all types of pets: purebreds, mixed breeds, big and small pets ... puppies and kittens, adult pets, even senior pets who are there through no fault of their own. Shelters check all incoming pets and make sure they are seen by a vet, are are in suitable condition and ready for their new homes.
  • The adoption fee is is a great bargain. First, shelter pets are far less expensive than those you would find at a pet store or at a breeder. Yes, there is an adoption fee -- but for this fee, pets are typically given a health exam, vaccinated, dewormed, and spay/neuter surgery is usually included as part of the cost. Many times other extras are included as well, such as a municipal license, pet insurance, coupons for pet supplies, and other goodies. Plus you have support and guidance from shelter staff if you have questions.
  • Shelter pets make wonderful companions. Pets enter the shelter for a wide variety of reasons, and through no fault of their own. Some have never had a home, others were abandoned or surrendered by their previous owners. Some are the victims of divorce, illness, allergies, a new baby, inexperienced owners, a move that didn't include them, and many other reasons.

    Most shelter pets are loving animals who are grateful to have a second chance at a happy life. That doesn't mean they're perfect -- all pets need time, love, and a chance to understand what is expected of them. Shelter pets can and do bond with their new owners, and become devoted and loving family pets. 

  • You save a life while also helping to combat pet overpopulation. A sad fact of life is that there are far too many homeless pets than there are loving homes to care for them. When you adopt from a shelter, you save a life and free up a cage for another needy animal waiting to be adopted. Your money goes towards running the shelter, pet education, and spay/neuter surgery. Plus you gain a loving companion too!


Adopting a pet from a shelter need not be the scary or risky choice it's sometimes made out to be. Millions of people have adopted shelter pets! These pets have thrived, loved and been loved by the people who have given them the chance they needed. Adopt, don't shop!



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