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8 ways to give your pet an unforgettable holiday season

As you are wrapping up your annual holiday shopping spree for your family and friends, you might be wondering what to get for another important figure in your life—your pet.

But while your human loved ones are able to tell you exactly which gifts they desire (maybe sometimes too often), your pets’ meows and barks might not provide much shopping guidance.

Their inability to speak sometimes results in them receiving light-up snowman sweaters, novelty reindeer antlers, and other gifts that may not exactly get them purring or their tails wagging. You can probably empathize if, as a child, you ever faked a smile as you unwrapped a pair of socks instead of the new action figure you really wanted.

Because we want your pets to be genuinely delighted with their holiday gifts, we put together a quick list of some surefire ideas that will have the other neighborhood pets looking on in envy. Some of our ideas cost money, but others are completely free and will provide hours of enjoyment for your pets.

So for now, sip a mug of hot cocoa, put on some holiday music, and enjoy our list of eight unforgettable gift ideas for your pets.

  1. Full-body massage. Many pets would pay good money for a full-body massage (if they knew how to use currency). Being rubbed, scratched, and petted relaxes them and makes them feel more connected with their owners. If you want to provide your pet with a massage during this holiday season, you can either do it yourself for free or enlist a professional pet massage therapist if your dog or cat needs a more therapeutic touch.
  2. A new electronic gadget. Now that electronics makers are coming out with smart watches and other wearable devices for humans, there’s a possibility that your dog might be slightly envious. Well, now you can purchase a wearable electronic accessory that can help your dog stay fit and healthy. Wearable devices that are currently on the market are capable of many helpful tasks, including tracking pets’ activities, monitoring their exercise, compiling medical data, and paying attention to food consumption. The digital information collected can help pet owners and their veterinarians make smarter health decisions for pets.
  3. A comfortable new bed. To help your pets achieve better cat naps or doggie dreams, you can buy them a plush new bed. Pet beds come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they won’t set you back nearly as much as a mattress for yourself would. Your pet will thank you for nights filled with peaceful slumber after hard days spent playing and exercising.
  4. An animal playmate. If your pet enjoys playing with other animals, you might consider bringing a playmate into your home. Playing together will give them both plenty of exercise, and they can keep each other company while you are away from home. You should make sure to properly introduce the animals before making the decision to permanently adopt the second pet to ensure they have compatible personalities.
  5. An impromptu vacation. Your pet might be aching to get out of the house and explore the wide, wide world, which is why a surprise vacation could make for a superb holiday gift. Together, you and your pet can explore the vast open spaces of the local park, the sandy surroundings of an area beach, or the winding trails in a nearby mountain range.
  6. A new playground set or scratching post. Just like a human child, your cat or dog probably enjoys the opportunity to show off his agility and climbing skills on a jungle gym. For the holidays this year, consider getting your cat a new playground set or upgrading to one with more features. It will provide him with hours of entertainment and potentially save your furniture from claw marks. And for your dog, you can always take her to an agility class where she can have her mind and body stimulated by navigating various obstacles.
  7. Help with his New Year’s resolution for weight loss. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 54 percent of dogs and cats in the United States are obese. If your pet could stand to shed some weight, or if you just want to make sure your pet maintains a sleek physique in the New Year and beyond, there are many ways to tackle this goal. For starters, you can make sure his food is nutritionally sound, walk him regularly, and have regular playtimes. And as we mentioned earlier, a wearable device can help to make sure that your pet is making great strides with his New Year’s resolution to get or stay in shape.
  8. New toys galore. Finally, you can never go wrong by buying new toys for your pets to pounce on, bat around, and chase. If you have had your pet for a while, you probably are a good judge of her personality and know if she’d prefer tennis balls, laser pointers, feathers, squeaky toys, or one of the hundreds of other types of toys. Just be sure the toys you choose are safe for your pet—no balls of yarn or other strings for your cat, and no small items your pets could swallow.

We hope these ideas get your mind on the right track to coming up with a gift that your pet will never forget. Happy holidays!


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