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The most adorable criminals ever

There's a saying that goes “honest as a cat when the meat's out of reach”- those adorable furballs might purr and beg for a scratch behind the ears, but as soon as you turn your back, they're back to their scheming ways. Here's a list of cats that have been caught red-pawed in the act of stealing a tasty morsel.

I Regret Nothing!

In truth, owners should be mindful when their cats try to get their paws on human food. Their digestion works differently from ours, and many foods, even ones they love, like milk, can give them upset stomachs or worse. Chocolate and onions are especially dangerous, and should be kept tucked away far out of reach.

#1 Cookie Thief

Cookie Thief

#2 I Regret Nothing!

I Regret Nothing!

#3 Pen Thief Caught In Action

Pen Thief Caught In Action

#4 Stealing From A Child

Stealing From A Child

#5 Smoked Fish Thief

Smoked Fish Thief

#6 Disguised Thief

Disguised Thief

#7 Determined Milk Thief

Determined Milk Thief

#8 Trying To Get To That Fish


Trying To Get To That Fish

#9 Balloon Thief


Balloon Thief

#10 Nose Stealer


Nose Stealer

#11 Kitty Has Big Dreams


Kitty Has Big Dreams

#12 Milk Burglars


Milk Burglars

#13 Determined Kitty


Determined Kitty

#14 Kitty And His Prey


Kitty And His Prey

#15 Sausage Burglar


Sausage Burglar

Source: boredpanda.com

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