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11 Dogs So Adorable They Look Like Stuffed Animals

Real or not real? In some cases, it’s hard to tell! 

1. “I am just as surprised as you are that I am a real dog.”

shepherd corgi akita mix

Source: Imgur


2. “Which one of us is the teddy bear, again?”

teddy bear dog 1

Source: Imgur


3. “I need a whiskey on the rocks. Some kid called my friend and I toys. WHAT? You mean he’s NOT a dog!?”

dog with stuffed animal

Source: Reddit


4. “Does my double disguise confuse you human? Am I a teddy bear? Why am I wearing clothes? You’ll never know.

kimono shiba inu puppy

Source: Imgur


5. “I am never going to this hairdresser again.”

poodle with teddy bear cut

Source: Poodle Forum


6. “I am not entirely convinced that I am real.”

tiniest puppy in the world

Source: Chubba and Company


7. “Yep, we are 100% not real dogs. But, if I’m not real how am I having these thoughts? This is more confusing than trying to figure out who’s a good girl!”

teacup dog

Source: Chubba and Company


8. “Are you my mommy?”

goldendoodle with teddy bear

Source: Indulgy


9. “How many times do we have to have this conversation? I am not a toy.”

dog doesn't want to be held 2

Source: Pheed


10. “It doesn’t matter if I’m real or not, you still have to rub my belly.”

it doesnt matter if Im real

Source: Buzzfeed


11. “Twinsies!”

poodle and teddy bear 2

Source: Bored Panda


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