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4 Things To Do When Your Pet Goes Missing

Your Pet Goes Missing

One of the scariest experiences in life happens when your beloved pet goes missing. You’ve looked everywhere at least five times, roamed the neighborhood calling his name while shaking his favorite toy or treat in hopes that he will come running to you and perhaps even said a little prayer that he finds his way home quickly.

While these are good tactics to include in your search, we have a few other things to do when your pet goes missing to help with the process of bringing him back home.

Call Your Local Animal Shelter

This one should definitely be at the top of your list. Even if your pet has a tag on his collar, many people, when they find a “stray” animal, will just take him to the local animal shelter. There also may be times when a roaming animal catcher comes upon him, scoops him up and takes him in. Always give them a call once you realize your pet is missing, as well as calling once a day after that to see if your pet has found shelter there. Many animal shelters are also willing to take down your contact information and description of your pet so that they may contact you upon his arrival. This is a vital resource, so use it immediately and often. You may also wish to contact private animal shelters, as well. The more people who are aware of your missing loved one, the better.

Flyers and Online Missing Posts

Yes, going “old school” with missing flyers around your neighborhood still works for many people. Head down to your local printing store or use your own printer and create as many flyers as you are able. Then, go out and start stapling and taping the flyers around your neighborhood. Thanks to our modern technology age, there are places to post online about missing pet notices. One of the most popular site is Craigslist. Be sure to give as much information in all your postings – either the physical flyers or online postings – that include your pet’s full description, name, any unique markings, and definitely put in there if he suffers from any ailment that requires regular medications. Also, don’t forget to include a good photo of him with every posting.

Scan Found Pet Postings

It’s important that you take time from your active search outside of your house to sit down and look online for “found pet” postings. Again, Craigslist is a very popular tool used by many to post notices that they have found a loose pet, so make sure you check on there often. Find out if your local newspaper also has a section online where they put up found pet notices and check those.

Rally Friends and Neighbors

As we said before, the more people who are helping in the search, the better your chances. Let friends, family and neighbors know that your pet is missing so that they can keep a keen eye out for him, or they may even help you scour the neighborhood again. They may also be able to call people they know to help with the search. You never know the resources you can uncover unless you ask.

Lastly, it’s important to help prevent the event of your pet going missing for long by ensuring that his tags are updated with your current address and phone number. This allows anyone who locates him to contact you directly. Also, get with your veterinarian or local shelter to ensure that your pet’s microchip is properly working and has current contact information stored on it. Anything to make the missing occurrences shorter is worth the ounce of prevention you put into it.



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