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Do you know how to tell if your cat is in pain? It certainly isn't easy. Cats are experts at hiding pain and tend not to let anyone in on the secret if they're sick or feeling unwell. This makes it difficult to tell when they need medical care. That's why we asked veterinarian Grace Long, DVM, MS, MBA, all about how we can recognize pain in our whiskered friends. Put on your detective's hat — it's time to do some sleuthing.

How Do Cats Show Pain?

Concealing pain and discomfort is natural cat behavior. The development of this instinct dates back to cat's wild ancestors. It's a feline survival strategy: Wild cats can't appear weak or vulnerable, so they hide their pain. Unfortunately, this instinct has persisted despite their domestication. Even in the safety of your home, they often still won't let you in on the secret that they're feeling unwell.

Watch Out for Behavioral Changes

Luckily, there a few signs to help you figure out if your furry friend is hurting. According to Dr. Long, behavioral changes — such as not being as outgoing as usual or hiding under the bed — are potentially indicative of discomfort. Your cat may also show changes in eating habits, such as a decreased appetite or not eating altogether. She may also meow excessively. The key is to understand your pet's normal behavior and eating patterns so that you can readily identify any changes.

Check in with Your Veterinarian

As soon as your cat displays any of the above behaviors, make an appointment to visit the veterinarian. What can your pet's doctor do? According to Dr. Long, "The veterinarian will determine the cause of the pain and treat the cause. There are medications to reduce pain, but the main goal is to diagnose the problem and treat that."

Dr. Long explains that there are different causes of pain in cats. "It could range from arthritis to urinary tract problems to GI upset — generally the same things that cause pain in humans," she says.

So how do cats show pain? Though she won't express pain outright, any subtle changes in your kitty's normal behavior may indicate she is hurting. Take her to the veterinarian quickly in order to uncover the underlying cause of her pain and get her on the fast track to recovery.



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