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Mom Offers Baby A Treat If He Says “Mama,” Dog Says It First

When one mom in Utah tried to teach her baby boy to say “mama” by offering him some tasty food, the tyke was upstaged by Patch, a talented dog that said “mama” instead of the kid!

In the adorable video, uploaded to Youtube by Sam Giovanini, the little boy even seems to try to get the dog to pipe down as he grandstands for mom’s attention.

In a later video uploaded by the same user, it’s clear that Patch, a miniature Australian shepherd, did get rewarded for his extraordinary effort.

Not only can Patch speak, he’s also a very talented care dog. This little boy’s grandmother suffered a brain injury in a car accident and Patch has helped her recover, alerting the family to any seizures that she might have as a result of her injuries.

Clearly, Patch the dog simply wanted the food more!


“Stop ruining my show!”


Here’s the happy family together:


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