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Is this the ugliest cat in the world?

He could have been called many things but when workers at a vetenary hospital saw this strange looking feline, “Ugly” appeared to be the purrfect word.

“Ugly” (or Ugly Bat Boy) lacks an actual coat and instead possesses a snarled tuft of orangish brown fur, which covers his chest in pleated waves.

Is this the ugliest cat in the world?

He might be the ugliest cat in the world.

“People come in and take pictures of him on their cell phones,” says Christie Hartnett Exeter Veterinary Hospital, New Hampshire.

Staff at the veterinary hospital where the eight-year-old moggie lives have even been forced to put up fliers saying he’s perfectly normal – just unattractive.

Ugly’s sister in the litter looked just like him, but didn’t survive longer than a few weeks.

A sister might have made things a little easier for Ugly, who isn’t exactly screaming to be cuddled.

So Ugly must rely on his “inner beauty” – and a lot of pity – from veterinary hospital employees, who say he’s perfectly normal.



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