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5 Cool Pieces of Dog Exercise Equipment


While running on your NordicTrack treadmill, you glance over in the corner at your dog sleeping and mutter to yourself that she's looking a little pudgy around the middle. You've come to the realization that maybe you aren't the only on in the house who can benefit from some exercise equipment.

We've found five cool pieces of dog exercise equipment that will get her back into her ideal weight in no time.

Large Exercise Ball

Exercise balls aren't just for yoga, Pilates classes and rehabilitation centers. They're also for our favorite pooch too. Exercise balls not only help strengthen the human core, they help strengthen your dog's core too. They also improve her balance, reaction and control. Some canines like to use exercise balls to play their own version of soccer.

Image Credit: Nancy Ney/Corbis


Motorized treadmills are ideal for dogs to walk and run. Your hound can increase her muscle definition, tone up and increase her life span by making a regular date with her own treadmill. Dog treadmills also help get rid of excess energy which translates to fewer shoes being destroyed by a destructive dog.

It's going to take time to get her to feel at ease on the treadmill. Introduce her to the machine slowly by walking on the treadmill from the back of the machine and teaching her to step down on the front of it. Repeat as many times as necessary. Also, start with slow speeds to encourage her to walk. Over time, she will get comfortable enough to follow her natural instincts to run.

Image Credit: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/Corbis

Obstacle Course

An agility course, commonly known as an obstacle course, is great because it is comprised of several pieces of exercise equipment used together to create an exercise regimen that challenges both the dog and owner.

Your hound will run over and under obstacles, jump through obstacles and will be tested for her speed and time she finishes the entire course. Dog obstacle courses include items easy to find or build like a tire jump, a dog walk, a teeter board and a tunnel. You can either buy a full course, or if you're handy or on a budget, build it yourself.

Image Credit: herreid/Veer

Skijoring Equipment

Skijoring is a sport that's not as well-known and even harder to pronounce. Skijoring, is a sport where a person on skis is pulled by a dog. This sport originated in Scandinavia, and is a cross between cross country skiing and dog sledding. The minimal equipment needed to participate in this sport made it cool enough to be added to this list. A dog only needs to wear a dog harness for the towline that allows him to pull the skier.

During off season and in warmer environments, both dog and owners use skijoring equipment for roller skiing and inline skating.

Image Credit: iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Jump Bar

Adjustable jump bars are great for endurance and confidence. The owner can adjust the bar as high or as low as necessary based on how safe and challenged his dog is completing the exercise. As the dog feels secure to jump higher and the bar is raised, the pet parent rewards him with treats to encourage the animal's self-assurance in using this equipment.


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