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9 Signs You're a Crazy Cat Lady...and OK with It


When Penny was first adopted, I self-imposed all types of rules and regulations for what our lives would not be like with a cat in the house. It was like a mantra that I forced myself to repeat back to myself in the mirror before I even allowed that furry ball of fluff to enter the front door.

I will not let my cat sleep in the bed.

I will not get lured into buying all kinds of unnecessary gizmos, gadgets and goodies for my cat.

I will not talk about my cat incessantly with my friends – especially not to those who are not cat people.

You see where this is going, friends? Slowly (or maybe not even so slowly, now that I think about it), all my hard-set goals dissolved. The mantras all fell away when I first laid eyes on that tiny grey and white ball of fur getting comfy on the bed. (And why shouldn't she? She deserves that bed!) I had turned into a gushy pile of mush, no better than a certifiable Crazy Cat Lady.

OK, so maybe I think my cat is cute (as you likely feel about your own fetching feline). Still not convinced I'm a Crazy Cat Lady? Consider these 9 other reasons -- and I'm proud of each one. Perhaps you’ll recognize a few in yourself...


“Sorry, I have to get home and feed the cat.”

Drinks? Dinner? Dancing? Taking in a Broadway show? There is no limit to the number of amazing ways that I can entertain myself living in a fascinating place like Manhattan. But you know what? If I can’t get home first to make sure my cat is fat, full and happy, then I’m simply not interested, and you might as well not bother asking.

"What else is available?"

I have purchased every type of cat food at our local pet store to see what Penny likes best. While that's not likely to be a vet-recommended strategy, I couldn’t resist. When we first got Penny, we would dish out some of that gross, “totally healthy for your cat” mush into her bowl … and she would stare at us. So back to the pet store to try something else -- one of Every...Single...Type...Available. Just to test it out, you see. And once we found a couple few that Princess Penny would scarf down, a feeding routine was born. No harm, no foul.

I bought my cat a Halloween costume.

I admit it. But hey, at least it was on sale.

I'm sleep-deprived. But my cat likes the view.

I keep the blinds open on my bedroom window, even though the sunlight wakes me at the crack of dawn. Why? Penny loves looking out the window first thing in the morning.

Actually, I first tried keeping only the curtains open with the blinds closed; that way at least some of the sunlight would be shielded. But it wasn’t enough. Listening to my love try to find her way under the shade every morning broke my heart, and so it’s stayed open for her viewing pleasure ever since.

$7,000 on emergency surgery? You bet!

Yes, it's a ton of cash, but my husband and I didn't blink. Crazy? Perhaps. But could you say you wouldn't do the same?

I let Penny drink out of my cup.

What? She just looks so adorable doing it! I wasn’t going to finish that water, anyway...

I bought my cat a Christmas present.

She had a rough year being pampered. She deserved it!

Plane talk: No problem...

You know how most people try to avoid small children on airplanes?  I actually kept one, seated in front of me, entertained for hours by sharing photo-after-photo of my favorite cat. But let's be honest: Showing some strange child dozens upon dozens upon dozens of Pennelope the Cat photos on my iPhone was just as much fun for me as it was for her.

And now, it's a wrap!

For my birthday last year, my husband created special wrapping paper for my present that prominently featured different photos of our cat. Oh, this wrapping paper was glorious -- made from different photos of our beloved pet from throughout the year. And yes, I kept that wrapping paper, trying to decide what to do with it. Most likely it'll go on the fridge, next to the magazine article for which Penny was used as the cat model. Yeah, she's a model...and amazing. Just like this Crazy Cat Lady has been trying to tell you.



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