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Female Animals Who Really Love Sex

  Plenty of animals have sex for pleasure — his and hers. It's difficult to determine if most of them are actually capable of having orgasms, but both genders definitely enjoy trying. Here are some ladies of the animal kingdom who not only enjoy sex, but often find ways of inducing their own pleasure.

Capuchin Monkey

Flickr/Eric Kilby

Capuchins have mastered the art of the come-hither look and they aren't afraid to use it – they enjoy sex abundantly, even when they're pregnant.


Flickr/David Reece

Male horses may be, well, hung like horses, but the ladies don't need them to feel good. Mares are able to stimulate themselves simply by rubbing against whatever's in sight.



Some female birds, like cockatiels, will regularly engage in masturbation if no male attempts to satisfy their needs.



Lady 'pines not only enjoy the perks of being exceptionally choosy about their partners – ain't nobody getting past those quills without permission – they also have no problem fashioning their own vibrators out of sticks if the male can't get the job done.


Flickr/Dushan and Miae

Chimps are living proof that orgasms and monogamy don't always go hand in hand – these ladies like to spread the love whenever they can.



Dolphins enjoy sex – a lot. In fact, the ladies like to have sex whenever the mood strikes, even when they're not ovulating.


Flickr/Ronnie Macdonald

Hyenas often display what looks like a female orgasm through same-sex relationships, wherein two females have been known to stimulate each through oral sex and genital rubbing.



Not only do lady lions handle all of the hunting for the pride, but they demand a little lovin' up to 100 times a day when they're ovulating, and you can rest assured they get what they want.


During sex, female macaques have been seen reaching back to grab their partners in order to drive the, uh – point – home a little harder, indicating they're in it for their own pleasure too.


Wikimedia Commons/Kabir

Bonobo ladies don't need men to get the job done — they routinely engage in masturbation all by themselves.



In studies where female rabbits were induced with sexually stimulating medications, researchers found vaginal contraction and rhythmic relaxation, indicators of pleasure during sex.



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