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10 Best Dogs For Children

Watching your favorite movie or television dogs can be quite entertaining but perhaps not the most practical means of selecting the most suitable dog for your family. You will need to decide upon a breed by its personality, size, energy-level and nature in order for it to be best fitted for your family’s everyday way of life.

Always keep in mind that when you meet a dog’s breeder/owner you should inquire about as many things as you deem necessary. With that having been said, here are the 10 most child-friendly dog varieties.

1. The Bulldog


For children that enjoy playing a little rough, the Bulldog has a robust build that is very much ideal. It’s not the type of dog that will earn any honors as far as energy levels are concerned, but they are very friendly, faithful and gentle animals. The Bulldog is content to live in larger homes as well as small apartments and they get along quite well with other pets you may have.







2. The Beagle


It’s true that your Beagle might not have any bird sidekicks to accompany it, but you can still feel free to name it, “Snoopy.” The Beagle is a sturdy dog and rarely gets too exhausted to play. Initially, Beagles were retained as hunting dogs but they will blend in nicely at home with both children and other pets present (with a periodic chase here and there). Beagles will demand regular bathing and brushing, as they do tend to shed quite intensely.








3. The Bull Terrier


Despite the popular belief of being a hostile lineage, the Bull Terrier is actually quite friendly as it was originally bred to be a companion pet. They are predominately nurturing and pleasant animals as far as children and grown-ups are concerned. For children that a learning how to treat their pets, the Bull Terrier is ideal because of its reliable frame and tolerance for pain.






4. The Collie


The movie, “Lassie” can be accredited to making the Collie breed world-renown. They are typically a delicate and foreseeable breed of dog that is conveniently trained and seldom aggressive – which makes it incredibly suitable for any family that might not be very familiar with dogs. Collies have a mind to satisfy as well as protect their owners and are also wonderful with children.





5. The Newfoundland


Yet another movie-famous breed, the Newfoundland was infamously nicknamed as, “Nature’s Babysitter.” It absolutely adores children and is instinctively protective over them. Some like to label this breed as the, “Mother Teresa of dogs” as it is very patient, friendly and mild. Despite what age its owners are, this dog is incredibly sweet, large and very simple to fall in love over.








6. The Vizsla


If you have a very active family then this might just be the dog for you. It is not a commonly known breed but this type of dog is in frequent need of exercise because it is very lively. It has a gentle type of manner, is tender and very loyal to its master. If these weren’t enough great qualities already, the Vizsla is highly intelligent, assured, quick to learn new tricks and capable of developing very close ties to its household. What many also love about it is that it gives off very little dog odor.






7. Irish Setter


The Irish Setter is well-distinguished by its red coat and lively, playful manner around people – especially young ones. This lovely dog will demand quite a bit of exercise and can easily keep up with active families with children. They are an intelligent breed that is highly trainable and enjoys life a little better with lots of space to play in.







8. The Poodle


It’s quite difficult to forget this breed as every owner has their own unique manner of giving it an inquisitive haircut. The Poodle is a wonderful dog for children that have allergies because it sheds very little of its hair. It is a gentle and clever breed that will demand some regular grooming or its hair can get a little ridiculous. It is a proud yet classy dog that will remain loyal to its master and will care greatly for them as well. They are rarely bored or irritated, have patient, adept and warm temperaments and play well with children.







9. Labrador Retriever



No one can argue the popularity that this breed holds in the United States and is it any wonder? The Labrador Retriever is very loving, diligent, caring and dependable. In point of fact it is actually highly intelligent, has a distinctively pleasing individuality which goes right along with its elegance. Bottom line, it’s one of the finest family pets on the planet.










10. The Golden Retriever





The Golden Retriever is one of the most sought-after breeds for families all across North America and other parts of the world. It is not as big as a Lab, but it is quite brilliant, self-assured, friendly and incredibly loyal. You shouldn’t find it to be aggressive nor fearful, but it is significantly patient – making it ideal for children. Although the Golden Retriever is best suited for an active family, it is so simple to fall in love with its desire to be active that you will feel compelled to oblige it.










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