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This Fish Has Human Teeth And People Are Freaking Out

One look at a sheepshead fish and you might think he’s just picked up a sailor’s lost pair of dentures from the ocean’s floor. But don’t be fooled: Those pearly whites are all natural. Facebook/South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Native to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United


Senior Parrot Can't Help But Fall Asleep While 'Helping' With The Dishes

Of all the homeless birds who end up at Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, Tinky was one of the most unusual. Often, Kail Marie, founder of the Kansas sanctuary, sees birds come to her from homes that didn't realize how much work an exotic pet bird would be. Suffering from stress and anxiety, some of


2 Little Dogs Trapped By Lava Flows Are Saved Just In Time

Carol Hosley thought she’d lost everything. A resident of Puna, Hawaii, her home and possessions were destroyed just days ago by the ongoing Kilauea volcano eruption. Worst of all, her two dogs, Brus and Little Dude, had vanished. Ten days ago, Hosley woke up at 2 a.m. to an emergency crew banging


Squirrel Breaks Into House — And Gets Trapped In Worst Possible Spot

It was just a normal day at home for some college roommates in Southwark, England, on Sunday — until one of them went to use the bathroom and found a squirrel in the toilet. Clearly in distress, the animal was thrashing around, and completely soaked in toilet water. The friends called the RSPCA and


Guy Hears Funny Noise And Can't Believe What He Finds In His Car

For squirrels, searching for the perfect place to hide your food is a constant battle — but one mischievous rodent thought she’d found the best spot. On Friday, Gabe Awrey was at his job in Gaylord, Michigan, when his boss and friend, Kellen Moore, invited him to step outside. Moore and Awrey


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