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Napoleon The Cat Wants To Conquer You

Spanish photographer Jesús Segura finds inspiration with help of his charming dwarfish snow-white cat Napoleon. He made Napoleon a protagonist in a number of absurd and exciting situations. Segura,like almost any other cat owner, also likes to make photos of his cat's everyday life. The result is

Beautiful Animals Enjoying Beautiful Autumn

Autumn is beautiful! And these animals know to enjoy it.  Photo #1 by KP   Photo #2 by HDWallpapers   Photo #3 by Pam Morris  Photo #4 by Wallpapers of Animals   Photo #5 by GoodFon    Photo #6 by Wallpapers DiQ   Photo #7 by wallpaper wide   Photo #8 by Jean-Pierre Lavoie   Photo #9 by free

Cats Wearing Tights

Here is a new crazy mem: cats wearing tights. Kitties look so.... hilarious, pathetic and magnificent at the same time in their fashionable outfits, that it's imposible to stay detached to this pics.  source   source source source source source source   source source source   source   source

What Happens If You Put A Cat In A Sock

The answer is here. Via catmoji.com   source     Via caterville.tumblr.com   Via caterville.tumblr.com   Via caterville.tumblr.com   Via caterville.tumblr.com   Alemon / Via alemon.deviantart.com   Via thepurrcompany.com source Mike Perkowitz / Via photo.perkowitz.net source Via reddit.com   source

Meet The Most Famous Cat On The Instagram

If you haven't sen Nala the cat, you really missed a lot. This round-eyed Siamese/Tabby mix is 5 years old. She was taken a as a kitten from a shelter and now lives happy life with her owner Varisiri Mathachittiphan. Nala's Instagram has 2,3 m followers!           More info: Facebook, nalacat.com

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