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Brave Firefighter Rushes Into Burning Home To Save Dogs Trapped Inside

First responders put their own safety on the line each day to rescue and protect the communities they serve. But one brave firefighter, dispatched to a house fire in California this week, went above and beyond to ensure that everyone — including a family's furriest members — made it out alive. FOX


People Do The Nicest Thing For A Baby Owl Who Got Separated From His Family

Last week, on a cool spring day in Massachusetts, something went terribly wrong for this baby bird. He'd somehow fallen out of his nest, and had no way of getting back on his own. He was utterly lost — that is, until a few kind people stepped in to set things right. Wild Care Cape Cod Stephanie


Baby Squirrels Find Themselves Trapped In The Most Awkward Situation

Earlier this week, Craig Luttman happened upon something quite unusual outside his home in Elkhorn, Nebraska. There, perched in a mass on the side of a pine tree, was a group of six young squirrels engaged in what appeared to be an awkward game of tug-of-war — but there was nothing fun about their


Little Dog Gets So Excited Seeing His Boy Is Home From School

Meet 6-year-old Henrique Muraro and his best pal in the whole wide world — this loyal pup named Pipo. Friendships don't get much sweeter than theirs. Rodrigo Muraro Henrique lives in Brazil and is a very lively boy, though he does have some mobility issues and often uses a wheelchair. Last year,


Cat Escapes Onto Roof — But Her Dad Knows Just What To Do

When she was a kitten, Charlie’s family adopted her from a friend who has a farm near their home. Charlie was always a very mischievous kitten, and even now that she’s older, she still seems to love getting into a little trouble. Ulysse Thieffry “She hides every small object she can put her paws


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