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Dogs Having Fun On The Beach As The Last Goodbye To The Summer

These photos of happy summer doggies will cheer you up. 1. source   2. source   3. source   4. source   5. source   6. source 7. .\ source   8. source   9.  source   10. source   11. source   12. source   13. source   14. source   15. source   16. source   17. `source

Woman Found Something Incredible In A Rose From Her Own Garden

She wanted to smell it and saw a sleeping lizard inside!   source

Tiniest Kittens In Fantasy Costumes Will Melt You Heart

Texas photographer Wendy Robbins is making funny pictures of kittens to help them to find forever home. She dresses them as characters of famous fantasy films, such as Game of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings, Doctor Who, etc. Daenerys Targaryen, Game Of Thrones. Wendy Robbins / Via Flickr: wendymckee

Baby And Daddy Teach Dog To Howl

I used to do the same with my dog when I was a kid. Neighbours were happy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuvUNGQaUVk

Cat Shows How To Fish

This cat demonstrates incredible skills in fishing. Poor golden fish had no chance of survival...                                    


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