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These clever cats are so sharp, their intelligence is comparable to that of a human! Guaranteed to amuse you with their adorable antics, these brainy breeds are a bright addition to any household.


Not only are Abyssinians super smart, their sly sense of humor and infectious personality has earned them the nickname “Aby-silly-ans.

” Insatiably curious and energetic, they are very interactive with their companions and environment. Abyssinians have a regal appearance and athletic build, so don’t be surprised should you find them radiantly perched atop a bookcase or refrigerator surveying their surroundings. It’s safe to say Abyssinians’ childlike antics will keep you constantly entertained.


Active and inquisitive, Bengals are busybodies by nature. Bengals constantly demonstrate a lively interest in their surroundings, satiating that curiosity by confidently chasing, climbing, and investigating everybody and everything around them. In addition to the breed’s wild jungle-cat look, their rambunctious and dynamic demeanor has helped these charming characters become one of The International Cat Association’s (TICA) most popular breeds.


Smart, sweet, and spirited, Burmese are playful and fearless, and adore their human companions. Some say their personality is almost doglike. This extremely people-oriented breed demands your attention so they can wow you with their entertaining antics. Burmese stay frisky and mischievous well into adulthood. They’ll warm your heart (and your lap!) for years to come.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats are sociable and adore people, attempting to wiggle their way into the middle of anything and everything.These athletic, frisky felines enjoy leaping, sprinting, and climbing to wherever the action is. To say the breed has an enthusiastic personality is an understatement — these energetic, bouncy cats are extremely clever, acrobatic, and clownish.

Scottish Fold

Nicknamed “Foldies” for their uniquely folded ears, Scottish Fold cats quickly adapt to new environments, people, animals, and situations. Scottish Folds easily learn pranks like opening cabinet doors, and they can even be taught to play fetch! Mellow and sweet-tempered, these loyal lovers thrive on human companionship and often inquisitively follow their owners from room to room around the house.


Singapuras are extroverted, playful felines that are often referred to as “pesky peoplecats.” Quick-witted, confident, and keenly observant, the breed thrives on attention and interactive playtime. Their intelligence allows them to effortlessly learn tricks, their name, and other choice words such as “treat” or “food.” Singapuras — nicknamed “Puras” for short — enjoy being around other cats and cat-friendly dogs.



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