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Meet Jim - The "Wonder Dog"


Jim was born in Louisiana in 1925 and displayed signs of extremely high intelligence. Unlike other dogs he was also not color-blind. He could pick out a car by its owner, color, make, or license plate number. 

Mr. VanArsdale, made Jim his hunting dog as he could always figure out the fields which contained birds from the ones which did not.

Jim never disappointed Mr. VanArsdale.


A group of veterinarians and scientists from University of Missouri examined Jim to find out the reason for his talents. Results of the examination were normal.  Besides, he was also responding to their requests in Italian, French, German and Spanish.


Jim predicted the winner of the 1936 World Series and amazingly it turned out to be correct. Also, his predictions for elections of 1936 also turned out to be accurate when Roosevelt was re-elected. He was blessed also for finding out the sex of an unborn infant with 100% accuracy.


Jim, the Wonder Dog died on March 18, 1937 and was buried in a cemetery in Marshall. His grave had a small white stone erected over it, reading "Jim, the Wonder Dog."


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