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Want to Choose the Best Food for Your Puppy? Here’s How

Getting a new puppy, or have one but don’t know what to feed him, and how much? Check out Purina’s helpful tips!

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time for any family, and choosing the best puppy food for your growing dog is one of many important decisions that you’ll face in the early days. There’s a lot to consider when thinking about which food is best for your puppy, including his nutritional needs, his size, and his taste preferences.

the best dog food for puppies, including nutritional needs, puppy size, and taste preference.

Puppy’s Special Needs

Growing puppies have unique nutritional needs, and it’s important to feed your puppy a food that is specially formulated for puppies. The best puppy food should contain the right level of protein to help your puppy grow strong and healthy. It can also help develop his muscles, skin, coat, and organs.

It should contain the appropriate concentrations of minerals like calcium and phosphorus — which are necessary nutrients for healthy bones and teeth — and an optimal level of fat to help support a puppy’s growth and playful energy.

You’ll also want to consider your puppy’s size and taste preferences. Every puppy is different, and you’ll need to keep your puppy’s unique needs in mind when selecting the best puppy food for him.

Our SuggestionsPurina Recommended Puppy Food

Puppy Chow brand puppy food provides three varieties to help address some of the specific needs puppies have.

Puppy Chow Complete & Balanced contains great taste and texture and provides the nutrition that lays the foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Puppy Chow Healthy Morsels contains a variety of soft and crunchy bites to help keep your puppy happy and healthy day after day.

Puppy Chow Large Breed is specially formulated with large breed puppies in mind, targeting areas important to their proper growth and development: a healthy growth rate as well as healthy bones and joints. It may be the best Purina Puppy Chow option for dogs that will be 50 lbs. or larger when fully grown.

Puppy Chow brand puppy food has been specially formulated to include 100 percent% of the essential nutrients to support your puppy’s healthy, active life. It has DHA — also found in mother’s milk — and high-quality protein to help support his growing muscles. Want more help in finding just the right formula for your growing puppy? Check out our handy product selector tool.

Choosing the best food for your puppy is an important part of ensuring he’ll be a healthy and happy member of your family for years to come.


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