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Piggy Bank made with Real Piglet causes outrage among animal Rights Groups

The phrase ‘piggy bank’ has been taken to new and controversial lengths to the distress of animal welfare groups after an Irish designer launched a money box made with a real piglet.

The taxidermied swine is the brainchild of creative designer Colin Hart from Belfast who claims to have received death threats as a result of the product, which comes complete with slot and cork stop.

Billed as the ‘piggy bank of all piggy banks’, it takes 12 months to make and comes in at a cost of $4,000 (£2,518), with half expected up front and the rest payable on

Animal rights campaigners who have called the Piglet Bank ‘sick’ and ‘inhumane’, but Colin said: ‘Most people understand it is a bit of a joke but I have had death threats from some people.

‘We are not going to kill a piglet, we wait for one to die of natural causes. That’s partly why it can take over 12 months to make.

‘I’ve had all sorts of crazy messages, one person even emailed me to say they thought it was disgusting that I was breeding pigs with a slot in their back. But what people don’t understand is we are not killing pigs, there’s no animal cruelty involved.

The Piglet Bank is the latest in a long line of Colin’s bizarre creations which include, suitcase stickers that appear to show the contents of suitcases as drugs, sex toys, money and even a kidnapped air stewardess.

Colin said: ‘Some people may think my creations are distasteful but it’s just a bit of fun. And I never expected the reaction I have from the Piglet Bank. Taxidermy has been around for centuries I’m just giving it a modern twist.

‘I came up with the idea when I was living in Vancouver. I needed a piggy bank one day and the city is surrounded with taxidermy shops and so I thought wouldn’t it be good if you could have a real ‘piggy’ bank.

‘It’s all just a bit tongue in cheek really, a bit of fun, we don’t expect to make any money out of it.

‘The funny thing is since the huge outcry about the Piggy Bank being cruel and inhumane, we’ve actually had a few people express an interest in ordering one. If we do sell one we will even donate the profits to an animal rights charity.’



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