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Dog Breeds A-Z: The Golden Retriever

Smart, attractive, and friendly, it’s no surprise Golden Retrievers are so popular. Find out all about these awesome ‘Goldilocks’ dogs.




Boasting classical good looks, a high IQ, and an eager-to-please attitude, it’s no wonder the Golden Retriever is among the most popular breeds in America! In fact, the breed ranks No.

3 in American Kennel Club (AKC) registration statistics. Patient and kind, Golden Retrievers love everyone they meet.


Learn more about Golden Retriever


A True Hunter’s Companion


This hunting dog dates back to the 1800s when Lord Tweedmouth bred a “Yellow Retriever” to a Tweed Water Spaniel (a breed now extinct) in the Scottish Highlands. Irish Setters and Bloodhounds were later integrated into the breed, which predominately hunted upland game and waterfowl.


“Goldens,” as the breed is affectionately called, became increasingly popular in the 1900s in England, where they were first shown in Flat-Coated Retriever classes before gaining their own breed status in 1913. Although Goldens were first seen in the United States as early as 1882, the breed wasn’t recognized by the AKC until 1925. Over the next couple of decades, this versatile breed became a top contender at field trials, conformation shows, and obedience competitions.


‘Goldilocks’ Dogs


Striking in looks, Golden Retrievers are widely recognized for their beautiful, flowing, and rich golden coat. Their water-repellant double coat does, however, shed seasonally and requires regular brushing.


Golden Retrievers are large, powerful dogs with an athletic, sturdy body that demonstrates their working ability. Their smooth, powerful gait reveals the breed’s unmistakable self-confidence and poise. Their kind expression — complete with dark, round eyes — reflects the Golden’s friendly, outgoing personality.


America’s Sweethearts


Active and energetic, Golden Retrievers are loving family additions. The breed is reliable and trustworthy, and their gentle, stable nature makes them especially wonderful with children. Goldens are sweet and eager to please, so be sure to give them plenty of affection and attention. Highly intelligent, Goldens also can be trained for therapy work or as service dogs for the disabled.


What else about Golden Retrievers makes the breed so popular? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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