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Surfing goats in California

Goatee and Pismo, two goats, are riding a wave of popularity showing off their surfing skills to California beachgoers. 

The goats' owner, Dana McGregor of Pismo Beach, says he taught his goats to surf because he loves to ride the waves and thought they would like it, too.

The goats stood on surfboards and cruised along waves this week at San Onofre State Beach, about 60 miles north of San Diego, as bystanders watched in amazement.

They were in town as McGregor was visiting his brother in San Diego.

Goatee, a nanny goat, and her billy goat, Pismo, even rode waves together with surfing duo Mark and Debbie Gale, the Orange County Register reported. But after a few rides, Goatee swam to shore.

McGregor, 33, says he originally got Goatee to eat weeds and poison oak on his property, NBC station KSBY of San Luis Obispo reported.

"I used to live in Africa, and we ate goats in Africa and they're pretty good and tasty. So my friends from Africa were coming in ... and we were just going to eat Goatee," McGregor said.

The Orange County Register via AP

Dana McGregor, from Pismo Beach, far left, surfs with his pet goat Pismo and pals Mark and Debbie Gale, of San Clemente.

But McGregor had a change of heart.

"I got super close, I fell in love with Goatee," he told KSBY.

He began taking the goat to the beach with him, eventually putting her on a surfboard.

McGregor says he started putting Pismo on a board after he was born in March.

McGregor is finding ways to use Goatee and Pismo's popularity for a good cause.

"We've done a couple photo shoots, my buddy is doing a film, we're trying to raise money for a project in Haiti now. It's a goat farm for goat's milk and stuff, so that's our next project," McGregor said.

Goatee took to the waves in November, KSBY reported. Pismo was born in March while McGregor, his mother and Goatee visited McGregor's brother in Carlsbad.

They weren't planning on coming home with a new kid.



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