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7 Reasons We're So Thankful for Dogs and Cats...in Pictures!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we remember all the things we're thankful for — and that includes our pets. These 7 sweet pictures show some of the top reasons why.


Thanksgiving is all about celebrating the things we're thankful for, and pet owners will agree that our furry friends just about top the list.

From snuggling with us when we're blue to always having our backs, pets bring so much value and joy to our lives. Here are seven cat and dog pictures that show us some of the top reasons we're thankful for our pets:


1. They give great hugs.

01Photo Source: Jeff Drongowskivia Flickr


2. They never fail to make us laugh.


02Photo Source: Nathan Rupertvia Flickr


3. Being near them is actually therapeutic.


03Photo Source: Hollyvia Flickr


4. Pets encourage us to be active.


04Photo Source: Cynrvia Flickr


5. They make waking up more enjoyable!


05Photo Source: Janey A and Jake Zvia Flickr


6. They are great protectors.



06Photo Source: Shannon Tompkinsvia Flickr



7. They love us unconditionally.



07Photo Source: ReneeMBMvia Flickr


Are you thankful for your dog or cat? Tell us your reasons in the comments.


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