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9 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Be A Good Dad Based On How He Treats His Pup

Man sitting on floor with his dog

So you’ve got a boyfriend you’re crazy about and who’s crazy about your dog (and maybe even has one of their own). You’re doing pretty good, kid! But if babies are on your brain these days too, you’ve likely considered whether or not your human mate will make a great dad and partner-in-family-crime one day.

While we realize caring for a dog is very different from caring for a baby, there are qualities that match up and let you know he’s up to the task. He’s probably done a few things already that made you stop and think, “This dude is gonna make a great dad to another kind of slobbering, hungry beast.” Here are a few you might have noticed, and some other signs to look out for as you grow your relationship.

1. His pup’s safety is his number one priority.

lab puppy running

Source: Her Daily


Is his pup a little nervous around other dogs? He can handle it. Not so great with strangers at the door? He’s got his methods down pat to make sure everyone leaves the situation unscathed.

2. He accepts his pup in all her weird, fluffball glory.


Source: imgbuddy


His dog’s a derp, but he doesn’t care. In fact, he celebrates all the little things that make his dog unique.

3. He doesn’t like leaving his pup home alone for long periods of time.

guy laying on dog

Source: buzzfeed


While he loves hanging out with you, he never wants to be away from the pup for too long. Whether he’s concerned about potty breaks and ample walking time or just can’t stand being away from his (uh, other) BFF, it’s clear he knows how to be responsible. If he’s not okay leaving his dog for 10+ hours, he’s definitely going to be around for his kid.

4. He’s super patient with his dog, even when that little furball is having, you know, a moment


Source: wykop.pl/


His dog might throw a tantrum because he wants more treats, but your guy knows not to give in to every demand. Sure, he absolutely adores his furry best friend, but he also knows how to deal when his pup decides to give him a huge dose of dogtitude.

5. Nothing but the best food for his furry kid. 

bull terrier dinner

Source: itchmo


He’s done his research on the best dog foods and what works well for his little guy and wouldn’t be caught dead shlepping home a bag of crap dog chow.

6. He’s always ready for a puppy party.

dog and owner

Source: godspeedanimalcare


He loves it when friends bring their pups over. He knows to pick up toys to prevent potential fights, properly introduce the new friends outside on neutral territory and how to make sure everyone is happy and getting equal attention. That’s one pawsome party planner!

7. Birthdays/adoptaversaries are always celebrated.

dog birthday cake

Source: blog.michaelaffronti.com


He never lets his dog’s birthday go by without a little celebration, no matter how mini. Homemade dog cake is a must!

8. He always notices when his furry friend isn’t feeling well, and consults the vet when needed. 


Source: huffington post


Oatmeal bath? On the ready. Homemade chicken dinner? Check, check! When he does have to hit up the vet, he stays concerned but calm, always the rock for his pal.

9. He’s this guy. Or he might as well be.

remake movie dog

Source: celebuzz


Featured image via tampadatingjungle.wordpress.com

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