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Meet Cinnamon, The World’s Happiest Dog Who Never Stops Smiling Despite Her Illnesses

Cinnamon is an 11-year-old Shiba sick with glaucoma and Cushing’s disease that never stops smiling. Entertainment attorney Andrew Bua got the dog in 2004, but it was his fiancée Ashley Kroop that created the Instagram account that made Cinnamon famous. The sick dog’s smile often elicits positive comments from passers-by, and she will be the flower girl at the couple’s wedding on July 4th.

“When she first started living with me I thought she was the cutest dog and always had her smile on and it just seemed like a natural fit for the world to see her smile,” Kroop told ABC news.

Shiba’s are a small agile dog that were originally bred for hunting by the Japanese. Cushing’s disease results in the overproduction of the hormone cortisol by the adrenal glands, and is a common disease in dogs. Glaucoma affects vision and can lead to blindness.

More info: Instagram

Say hello to Cinnamon, the shiba who never stops smiling!


The poor girl suffers from glaucoma and Cushing’s disease


However, she’s still the happiest dog ever


It can be challenging to take care of a sick dog


But owners Andrew and Ashley won’t give up on Cinnamon



“I like to say she looks like a clown because of her big, wide smile”


“Everyone stops us commenting on her grin”


Cinnamon will be the flower-girl for the couple’s wedding July 4th




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