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The Sweetest Cat Names You've Never Heard: Which One Will You Choose?

Thinking about adopting a cat? See if one of these great cat names might be perfect for your new pet!

Are you getting ready to adopt a new kitty? There's a lot to do to make sure you're prepared, not the least of which is choosing an adorable name for your feline.

Here are 20 cute and creative cat names for felines of all ages.

Sometimes, a Classic Cat Calls for a Classic Name

1. Ohso Purrfect – The purr-fect name for a purr-fectly sweet cat!

2. Kitty O'Meowly – This name has a hint of Irish luck.

3. Half-Pint – Half the size, double the goodness.

4. Dainty Mae – A pretty name for a pretty cat.

5. Lucy Blue Belle – For a classic southern lady.

6. Rosie Posie – As cute as a nursery rhyme.

A Name Fit for a King or Queen

7. Princess Sparkle Paws – For a lovely girl with a personality that truly sparkles.

8. Lovely Lady Lulu – The delightful sound of alliteration!

9. Prince Puddin' – For a cat that's royal and decadent.

10. Duchess Honeysuckle – For a feline full of grace.

11. Sir Cattington III – A true gentleman's feline.

12. Lady Fluffy – For an adorable girl with a regal air.

For Those Sweet-As-Sugar Felines out There

13. Butterbean – Perfect for an adorable orange Tabby.

14. Chocolate Truffles – Nothing is sweeter than chocolate, except maybe a kitty with this name.

15. Twinkle Star – For a cat as magical as the night sky.

16. Sweet E. Pie – A bit of formality for a seriously sweet kitten.

For the Furry Socialite

17. Little Miss Mew-Mew – As sweet as Miss Muffet on her tuffet.

18. Mister McWhiskers – Keeping it simple and classy.


19. Mr. Fuzzy Pants – This one needs no explanation.

20. Madame Purr-lina – For a kitty with a purr as precious as a strand of pearls.

A sweet cat deserves an equally sweet name. One of the best parts of naming a kitty is spending some bonding time getting to know her personality before you pick the perfect moniker.

Share the cat names of your furry friends with us in the comments!

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