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How to Care for a Pet Dingo

Although dingoes are thought of as purely wild dogs, they have been kept as companions since before Europeans settled in Australia. In fact, one aboriginal name for the dingo is "tingo," which translates as "tame." A pet dingo can require more effort than the average dog, but they will reward you with an intense bond and an uncanny sense of responsibility as a member of your family.



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      Recognize that dingoes are not fully domesticated. Your pet dingo still has many wild behaviors and instincts. For example, dingoes have a flight instinct, rather than a fight instinct. If a dingo is frightened or threatened, she will bolt. Additionally, many pet dingoes exhibit a desire to hunt, which can be problematic.

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      Train your pet dingo well. If you do not train your dingo early, he may be very difficult to train and can become unruly. Enroll your pet in a series of obedience classes from puppyhood until you are certain that he understands commands and will listen to them.

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    Feed your dingo a high-quality dog kibble as her main diet. Your pet has the same nutritional requirements as any dog, so creating a healthy diet for her will be easy.

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    Provide plenty of outdoor exercise. As a somewhat wild creature, your pet dingo will need a large fenced area to play in. Do not chain your dingo and do not keep him as an apartment pet. These situations will create a depressed dingo.

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    Walk your dingo on leash when you are in a public area, even at off-leash dog parks. Keeping your dingo on leash is always the safest option because of her flight and hunting instincts. Some dingoes can do well off leash, but this can be dangerous.



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