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21 Ways Having A Pet Makes Every Day A Little Brighter

There’s always a cuddle buddy.

1. “Someone is always waiting for you to come home.” — Halaine S.

Halaine S.

2. “My favorite part of having Sophie is showing her how much fun we can have during the day and making her feel safe and snuggly at night.” — Christina V.

Christina V.

3. “My favorite part about my pet are my dog’s eyes. Jordy’s eyes are the exact meaning of ‘puppy-dog eyes’.” — Alice K.

Alice K.

4. “Coming home to not one but two balls of fur - twice the cuteness!” — Lizzie


5. “Our favorite part of having Scully is giving her everything she deserves and more! How could you say no to that face?” — Jillian


6. “My favorite part about having a pet is getting to know their unique personality. My cat Sophia (aka Poopz) is willful, crazy, hilarious and wonderful.” — Lauren E.

Lauren E.

7. “My favorite part about having a corgi is that she’s super sassy and so much fun to play with. Look at all that sass in such a tiny puppy.” — Megan B .

Megan B.

8. “Our favorite part about her is how she loves to cuddle with us and to be near us wherever we go. She is definitely a cuddle addict!!” — Rachel Q.

Rachel Quinn

9. “My favorite part about having Murphy is the overwhelming goofiness, happiness, and smile worth derpiness I get from her everyday.” — Diana B.

Diana B.

10. “My favorite part of having a pet is the unconditional love you get from them. This bug ol’ guy is like my son, I love him so much.” — Alisha C.

Alisha C.

11. “My favorite part about having pets is that they will always be there for you.” — Katy A.

Katy A.

12. “Our dogs add so much love to our family!” — Winn S.

Winn S.

13. “One of my favorite parts of having a pet is walking my dog. She gets really happy and looks like she is laughing.” — Patti G.

Patti G.

14. “Best part of having a pet: My dog always makes me smile.” — Stacy F.

Stacy F.

15. “A welcoming committee for guests, & waking up to those two faces everyday!” — Nicole B.

Nicole B.

16. “This is my dog Riley. My favorite part of having him is the snuggling! He’s a great snuggler!” — Heidi B.

Heidi B.

17. “Nordi the corgi is always ready to lend a listening ear when I need it.” — Alycia B.

Alycia B.

18. “I can’t decide if my favorite thing about having pets is how much they love me or how much they love each other. Either way, I’m never in a bad mood once I get home from work to these two.” — Allison W.

Allison W.

19. “I love his willingness to try anything, even though he’s blind.” — Shelby D.

Shelby D.

20. “My favorite thing about him is when he curls up next to me and purrs until we BOTH fall asleep.” — Rosie S.

Rosie S.

21. “This is the look I get when I get home.” — Meredith B.

Meredith B.

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