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10 Years Later: 14 Unforgettable Photos of Katrina Dogs


t's hard to believe that it's been a decade since Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf region of the United States and caused immense destruction and tragedy. Thousands of humans lost their lives, homes, community, and livelihoods. Many of them lost their dogs. Sadly, lost pups wandered the streets in the aftermath of the storm.

Thankfully, many made it into the shelter system and were adopted by loving families. Here are a few of the most powerful images of pups during Katrina.

1. FEMA rescuers come to the aid of pups on a porch.


2. An emotional rescue for this tiny pup.


3. The late Cooper, one of the Katrina's first responder rescue dogs.


4. Waiting patiently for rescue.


5. A mud-covered pup is carried from the rubble.


6. Abby, Manny, Dawson, Duke, and Ranger from the Search Dog Foundation Hurricane Katrina Deployment.


7.  Afloat on a raft, dogs find any way to survive.


8. Drew Moore rescued Blake, who was eventually reunited with his human family.


9. Walking through the aftermath.


10.  This man went back for his best friend.


11. Shyly accepting the kindness of strangers.


12. The storm can't break their spirits.


13. An emaciated pup tentatively takes food from a volunteer.






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