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Why Is My Cat Urinating Out of the Cat Box?


Cats generally have no trouble using their little boxes, but sometimes they urinate outside of the cat box. This behavior could be a sign of a medical problem, or your cat might be expressing its displeasure with some aspect of the cat box.


  • The cat may not truly be urinating outside the cat box.

    If it releases a small amount of urine against a wall, it is "spraying," or marking territory. If there is a large puddle by the litter box, it is urinating outside the box.


  • A cat owner may assume the problem is behavioral, but the real cause could be a medical issue such as bladder inflammation, urinary stones or other illnesses.


  • To rule out medical problems, the cat should first be tested (and treated, if necessary) for diseases by a veterinarian.


  • If the cat is not ill, it may be expressing dislike for the type of litter or find the box too dirty. It could be unhappy with the box's location, especially if the cat doesn't have enough privacy while urinating. If a household has multiple cats, there may not be enough cat boxes in the home.


  • Changing the type of litter or the box's location, cleaning the box more often or providing more boxes may solve the problem. If simple methods don't stop your cat from urinating outside the box, a pet behaviorist may be able to assess the situation and provide solutions.


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