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Cats Travels Back Home


  1. A cat in the US returned back alone from New York to its owner’s new home in California after going a long distance of 2,300 miles.
  2. A cat in the US named Sugar returned back alone from California to its owners home in Oklahoma after walking a distance of 2,004 kilometers without any help.
  3. A 7 year old tabby named Madonna came back almost four years later to her home in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada all the way from Windsor, Ontario in this kitty adventure. Her owner, Nina had moved to Windsor to open up a new massage parlor, but the fidgety feline went missing within weeks. She eventually showed up at Nina's sisters massage parlor in Kitchener where her original home was.
  4. A cat in the US named Ninja returned back alone from its owner’s new home in Washington State to its owner’s old home in Utah State after walking a distance of 850 miles.
  5. A cat returned back alone from Nievre in France to its owner’s home in Stuttgart in south west Germany after walking a distance of about a 1,000 kilometers without any help.
  6. A cat from England named Sooty returned back alone to its owner’s old home after walking a distance of a hundred miles without any help.
  7. A five year old Calico kitty named Lucy went missing in the Inuvik territory of Canada, by the Arctic Ocean. Lucy's two week journey took her over 6,600 kilometers away to Toronto in the back of a transport truck, where a nice lady in Thornhill called the number on her tag and told her owners that she had their cat. She was flown back to the Arctic region shortly afterwards.

  These stories may not necessarily be one percent accurate, but are reported to the best of our abilities.



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