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Some of the Best Exotic Animals as Pets

Owning exotic animals is a great way to take a walk on the wild side. However, there are certain animals that will make better pets than others. Use this brief list of exotic animals and their names to learn which species are suited for a domesticated life. These are the animals that will most readily adapt to a life catered to by humans and be happy and healthy while in the home.


These animals originate from the rainforest and have been deemed low risk for domestic ownership. When raised in proper homes, they can become affectionate and friendly toward their owners. These animals do possess sharp teeth originally intended for eating meat. The great news for owners of kinkajous is that they also enjoy bananas, marshmallows, and eggs. Any potential owner should be aware that these are nocturnal creatures and usually make a ruckus after sunset.

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are marsupials and originate from Australia. They are listed as non-threatening and love spending time with and interacting with their owners. When fully grown they only weigh five ounces so they are perfect for the pet owner who likes smaller pets. Since they are nocturnal creatures, they will want lots of attention and affection after dark. Sugar gliders' diets are somewhat of a controversy with animal nutritionists. It is agreed that their diet should consist largely of insects. The sugar glider will suck what they need from the insect and then spit the remainder out. Therefore, they may be quite messy at meal time.

Bengal Cats

Contrary to popular belief, the Bengal cat is not related to the Bengal tiger. They are in fact a hybrid that has emerged through the cross-breeding of domestic cats and various exotic cats. These animals exhibit the same behaviors of regular domesticated cats and pose minimal risks to owners. These animals can be one of the most expensive names on the exotic animal list, depending on where you acquire them. These cats are often given unique names chosen to represent their heritage.



Hedgehogs have gained quite a bit of popularity as domestic pets. They are very low-maintenance animals, extremely social, and gentle. Their diet in the wild is insects, but many pet stores offer specialized hedgehog food that contains the nutrition they need. It is important that the owner handles them when they are young in order to help them adjust to humans. Another name sometimes heard for these little animals is hedgepig.



This unusual looking creature is a type of salamander who is most well known for being able to regenerate most of their body parts. These salamanders remain aquatic their entire lives and also have legs. If you opt to adopt an axolotl you should understand they can grow very large and need an accommodating tank. They do not have any special needs, therefore are quite easy to keep.

It is important you consider how safe keeping an exotic animal is for you and your family. You should also ensure you have the proper living conditions to make them comfortable and happy. It is also important you keep regular check-ups for the pet just as you would any domesticated animal. Most states have their own laws for the ownership of exotic animals; therefore, ensure you follow your states laws and regulations. Make sure you are ready to make a lifelong commitment before obtaining any animal whose names appear as listed as an exotic animal.




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