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What's so amazing about cats that makes crowds gather to celebrate them? Everything! Discover what made the L.A. Cat Video Festival so cat-tastic .

The air was electric with the excitement of cat lovers converging in Exposition Park on September 21, 2014, for the first annual Los Angeles Feline Film Festival.

The field was brimming with vendor booths, an 80-foot projector screen and, of course, cats. Lots and lots of cats. From kitties up for adoption to cats on leashes, felines could be found at every turn. Even the pet owners and cat fans gathered for the cat video festival were decked out in cat costumes and cat-print attire.


The Inspiration Behind the Festival

Conceived by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the first official Internet Cat Video Festival debuted in 2012. It was billed as a curated collection of the best cat videos on the Internet, as well as a community event for curious cat-lovers. Since then, it has steadily grown in popularity, touring over 39 different events in 2014.

When L.A.-based cat lover and entrepreneur Erik DeLeo first heard of the Walker Film Festival, he knew immediately that he had to figure out a way to bring it to Los Angeles. "I think people are drawn to the intimate quality of cat films because cats tend to be independent by nature," DeLeo explained. "The camera allows you to feel close to the cats." Plus, it doesn't hurt that they are adorable and hilarious.


All About Cats — and the People Who Love Them

Despite the event being built around the cat video festival, the films were by no means the only highlight. Celebrity cats like Tara the Hero Cat and Dusty Klepto Kitty made VIP appearances. The real show-stealer, though, was Lil Bub, who attracted a massive crowd for her personal meet-and-greet.

Make Sure to Tag Me!


Cat owners were encouraged to share the event with their cats. Adorable kitties were making new friends everywhere, both human and feline.

But First...Let Me Take a Selfie


Many a cat selfie was taken, resulting in even more adorable cat pictures for the world to enjoy.

More than Just Fun and Games


For those looking to bring a new cat home, there were several cat adoption organizations present. There was even a mobile cat clinic, which offered spaying and neutering in addition to adoptions.

Pet Products and Feline Finery


Tons of pet products and cat-inspired artwork were for sale, ranging anywhere from cat yoga mats to Grumpy Cat tote bags.

Lights, Camera, Cats!


The day-long festival concluded with a big-screen viewing of popular cat videos. Cat lovers let out resounding "awws" and gut-wrenching laughter at classics such as Henri, Le Chat Noir, and cats in outer space.



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