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5 Best Working Dogs To Choose From

With the increasing demand of ‘tough-looking’ and ‘scary’ dogs by potential owners who consider pets as a ‘social stature’ before they get to the companionship aspect; much has been said about certain breeds, which might not be completely true. Many people, these days are looking out for such dogs without any prior research of the various physiological requirements of the breed.


Here is a list of dog breeds that were developed for working purposes and are termed in the ‘Working Group’ across various Kennel Clubs globally.

1. Bullmastiff


Arguably one of the most gentle breed of dogs in the larger breeds, the Bullmastiff was developed to assist Gamekeepers in guarding their estates from poachers. They are developed never to bite but use the force of their body when needed. Today’s Bullmastiff is more of an indoor dog that will do well in apartments as well provided enough stimulation is provided.

2. Doberman


Developed by Karl F.L. Dobermann in 1860’s, this slender dog used to accompany the gentleman in the dangerous job of tax-collection. Another breed developed for protection, specifically against bandits, the Doberman Pinscher was named after their originator after the his passing.


3. German Shepherd


Also known as the Alsatian, this dog is one of the most widely used breed across various forms of service like police, military, protection and obviously herding sheep. As a result of breed standards, there are now two types of the same breed. One would be the more popular show-type with more pronounced physical features and a lesser drive for working. On the other hand, we have the less popular working-type which is a larger more athletic dog which is ideally employed in services.

4. Dogo Argentino


This stunning white beast of a dog was bred to hunt puma, wild boar and other animals that would graze on food crops and incur a loss to farmers. This dog is still a considerable family pet while not at work.

5. Siberian Husky


Known to be one of the most enduring dogs for snow, the Huskies are becoming overly popular in hot and cold climates alike. Although, not ideal for warmer regions, the majestic look of the fur and eyes make it a highly attractive puppy. Bred to pull sleds across more than 10 km at a stretch, these dogs require copious amounts of exercise daily to be calm indoors.


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