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Paralyzed Pup Who’s Always Smiling Reminds Us Happiness Is All About Your Attitude

When it comes to adorable wheelchair-bound dogs, I have a few Internet favorites myself –  there’s Turbo Roo the Chihuahua, London the two-legged Pit Bull, Auggie the Pit Bull, and Chris P. Bacon (okay, so that last one’s a pig, but whatever). Now I can go ahead and add another name to the list: Daisy, the dog who always smiles.


By the way, that’s not just a metaphor to describe the pure joy inside Daisy despite her inability to use her front legs. No, she literally always smiles, thanks to her truly unbelievable underbite. In fact, it’s that underbite – in conjunction with her wheelchair and perfect personality – that have made this sweet lady dog something of an Internet sensation.


Daisy Happy Birthday


Source: @UnderbiteUnite


Believe it or not, Daisy was, at one point, a death row dog. She was scheduled for euthanization when A Home 4Ever Rescue saved her life, at which point Sheena – her mom – adopted her. Now, Daisy and Sheena work together to raise awareness for dogs with disabilities.


So why can’t Daisy use her front legs?


Daisy Underbite Unite Smiling




According to her website, Underbiteunite.com, she “was born with dislocated joints in her elbows, right shoulder, and back hips, which resulted in her deformity.”


While Daisy can walk and run without the use of her wheelchair (made by Eddie’s Wheels), she can only do so for short distances, as it eats up much of her energy and puts an undue amount of pressure on her spine. For long walks, she travels in her wheelchair or wagon, though Sheena is hoping to raise enough funds to 3D print protheses for her.


Daisy in her wagon


Source: @UnderbiteUnite


Daisy is, without a doubt, an incredibly happy and spunky dog, but her disability can pose certain challenges in terms of making her feel as comfortable as possible. That’s okay, though, because Sheena’s creativity is perfectly suited for facing those challenges head on.


Sheena told Distractify:


“A lot of creativity is required in order to make Daisy’s life a little easier. Daisy gets tired from walking during our walks due to short burst of energy, so I invested in a wagon. Her wheelchair didn’t have much support in her chest area, so I knitted her a padding to give her extra comfort. Daisy’s natural posture makes eating a bit difficult, so I place a stuffed animal under her body to keep her leveled. I consider them all a fun challenge and [it] brings me so much joy when Daisy looks happier.”


Daisy the Dog Smiling in her Wheelchair


Source: @UnderbiteUnite


And what about when people see Daisy out in the world?


“Generally, the public’s reaction to Daisy’s wheels is positive. People are curious whether her disability is a result [of] an accident or not. I appreciate people for asking because that gives me an opportunity to raise awareness for special needs dogs. Some like to take photos and Daisy loves the attention.”


As far as I’m concerned, any reaction to Daisy that falls short of squealing with excitement is just pure jealousy on the part of the non-squealing party – jealousy of her perpetual smile and ridiculous style, among other things. Just look at those shades! There isn’t an outfit or accessory that she can’t pull off.


Daisy with Sunglasses on


Source: @UnderbiteUnite


Said Sheena about Daisy’s disability:


“I never looked at Daisy’s disability as a hindrance and pity her. I see her as a strong girl and feel the same way about all disabled dogs. By sharing Daisy’s story, I hope that people will look at them in a similar way that I see disabled dogs.”


If you’re as enamored of Daisy as I am (you totally know you are), make sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and consider donating to her 3D printed prosthetic fund so she can finally have full use of her four legs.


Daisy Underbite Unite Dog Thank You


Source: DroolOfHappiness.com




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