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Guinea Pig for Kids - How to Teach Kids to Care for a Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

guinea pig makes a wonderful first pet for kids and preschoolers. They are good natured, gentle, and will rarely bite or scratch. These timid and cute creations are also furry and cuddly, which are traits that make them very attractive to kids.

When bringing home a guinea pig for kids to take care of, there are a number of things we need to do in order to make the entire experience a positive one for everybody.

Aside from providing for the physical needs of the newest addition to our family, it is also important that we teach kids the proper way to care for a guinea pig.

Here are a few reminders on what to teach your kids about guinea pig care:

1. Teach kids the importance of being gentle when handling guinea pigs. Teach them how to properly handle and hold the guinea pig securely. Demonstrate it to them and let them practice supervised until you are confident they know how to do it.

2. When the guinea pig arrives in your home, it's going to be timid and shy while your kids are going to be so excited to play with them. Prepare your kids for the need to give the new pet a chance to warm up to their new home. And remember, warming up can take a few days.

3. Teach kids how to respect the needs of the guinea pig. Set a schedule so they know when they can play with the guinea pig. Let them use proper and safe toys and games when playing with the guinea pig.

4. Involve your children in the feeding and cleaning of the guinea pig and its cage. This is a great way to teach them responsibility. They are responsible for their pet and what they do affects the health and happiness of their pet.

5. Hygiene is also important. Make it a habit for your kids to wash their hands before and after handling your guinea pig.

6. Are there areas in the house that are off limits to the guinea pig? Make sure your kids understand what these off limits areas are and how bringing the guinea pig there can be unsafe for the pet, and for them.

7. Bring your kids along when you bring your guinea pig to the vet for check ups. This teaches them the importance of health and can be a way to help them get over their own fear of visiting the pediatrician.

8. Children may be tempted to give unhealthy treats to the guinea pig. Teach your kids to distinguish between what's good and what's harmful for the guinea pig. Do not let them give human food to the guinea pig. Instead, show them how to give pieces of fruit in moderate amounts as treats.

When there are clear guidelines, having a pet can be a very rewarding experience for your kids and for your family. 



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